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First Roleplay - Through the Veil [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Through the Veil

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First Roleplay [Jul. 8th, 2006|06:30 pm]
Through the Veil


I have some what edited it and here is the first rolepay up:

This is suppose to be color coded but I don't feel like dealing with that.

Luna sat in the Great Hall, watching the students leave. The next day start winter break and many of the students were going home, with Luna not being one of them. The blond girl played with the end of her crazy Christmas scarf as she watched, wondering where all of them were going. She also could be going home, but she knew it was only a matter of time before Hogwarts was officially closed.
Ginny was unpacking all of her stuff because her plans had suddenly changed, and the Burrow was going to be tented for beetles over Hogwarts' Christmas break
Harry sat in the great hall staring off into space, waiting for Ron to get back from the bathroom
Ginny headed down the stairs to the Great Hall, hoping to find Hermione on her way. Ginny stopped off in the restroom.
Harry saw Luna sitting alone and decided to sit with her and perhaps start a conversation
Luna turned around to see Harry hovering over her (like Max does to me) "Harry," she said, surprise. "I'm amazed you're actually staying, I'd think after all that happed last year you'd want to leave as soon as possible.
Ginny returns from the restroom, and enters the Great Hall to find Harry and Luna in discussion, “Hi!”
“Hey Ginny" Harry says, slightly awkwardly before answering Luna, “Even with Dumbledore gone it still would be much better here than with the Dursleys," Harry said, and scowled darkly at the mention of his uncle and aunt.
“I still don't understand how you tolerated that for all those years, Harry...you could have just stayed with us”
"Believe me, I tried...Dumbledore wouldn’t let me. "
“Well, Dumbledore did know best...I suppose it was that thing with your aunt protecting you”
A bit curious, Luna spoke, "I've heard speak a lot of you're aunt and uncle. Are all muggles like that?"
"Not really...just mine," Harry sighed.
“Even wizards have bad apples, I suppose muggles are the same”
“Hey Luna, why aren't you going home?”
“ I just want to stay at Hogwarts as long as possible. If we have to fight, we might as well know some more stuff. And I was hoping DA would start up again," she looked away, "it was fun when it lasted."
“But classes are out for now...and we still don't know who the new DADA teacher is. Well, maybe we could start up DA again, but I’d prefer to l earn from a certified teacher, so I don’t blow myself up”
"Or Neville doesn't," Luna said dreamily...
Harry looked at Luna strangely
Luna didn't notice.
“Are you two going out or what?”
“Er,” Harry glances at Luna with a slightly raised eyebrow to Ginny
“Cuz you'd make a cute couple”
Luna shook her head, "No why would you get that idea...?"
“Hey Harry, hi Ginny, all unpacked?”
“Just the dreamy way you said the name”
Luna looked at Ginny oddly, "That's just how I speak..."
“Just thought I recognized a hint of something special in your voice, that’s all”
"Oh course it is" Harry said in a slightly sarcastic tone
“Be nice Harry...”
“Hey! Do I have Harry’s invisibility cloak on or something?”
"All I did was agree with her" Harry spoke with a mischievous grin.
“Sure you did.”
Luna was confused so she chose not to speak.
"You stole my invisibility cloak?" Harry said aghast
“No, just wondering why no ones talking to me.”
"Hello Ron"
“I feel so alone, no one understands me,” Ron said then realized Harry had spoken to him. “Finally, some love!”
“Hey Ron...I already said that, but maybe its you ignoring me, huh?”
“So, are we just going to sit around in the hall all day, or are we going to do something? Its snowing outside...*grins*”
"Build snow-wizards!"
“I’m game! Let’s do it!”
'Then shall we go outside?'
“Of course!”
"I believe we shall"
“I’ve heard muggles have snowmen competitions, let's have one too!”
“Sounds good to me”
“A contest with out magic?” Luna asked as she got up.
“Yeah, magic would give an unfair advantage to the older boys”
'Which I'm sure they wouldn't take advantage of,' she answered teasingly.
“Then again, I have a feeling they got ready for winter break by emptying out their brains. Boys,” Ginny sighed.
“Hey, stop it! We did not!”
".Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t, you have no proof!"
“Well not much at least”
“I saw you two at the three broomsticks drowning a few butterbeers the minute school let out”
“Yeah, don’t even try to tell me you weren't trying to forget that "terrible" Herbology exam I heard Ron complain about”
“Ok...I’ll admit it, but it was a hard exam, just you wait!”
"That was an exam, damn..."
“I’m SO sure *sarcasm*”
“Which is why Hermione passed it with flying colours”
'They're having seventhyearitis' (Like senioritis)
“Seventhyearitis...I can’t wait!”
"Yeah, I figure ill be dead before any this will do me much good anyway."
"I feel so loved."
“Hey, you're the one who... never mind.”
’Well if you die then Professor Trelawney will be right,” Luna added calmly.
“For once in her life.”
"Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to survive then."
*Looks at Ginny inquisitively*
*Is oblivious*
'Whatever happed to going outside,' Luna motioned to the doors out the Great Hall.
"Ah yes,” Harry offered his arms mock-gentlemanly, "shall we?"
Ginny took his arm awkwardly, “Off we go!”
*Offers arm to anyone else who wants to take it*
*Takes arms of both Harry and Ron*
*Harry does have two arms. *
Luna put her hand on Harry's arm as she absentmindedly hummed the 'we off to see the wizard' song
*They all stroll out the door*
“Alright, so we should make teams”
“Or we could all compete against each other”
'Two teams,' Luna commented, 'girls against boys?'
“Sounds good to me” *disappointed because she wanted to be on Harry’s team*
Ron and Harry find a good patch of snow and begin to build
“So, Harry, what type of snow-wizard should we make?”
*Harry still oblivious*
“Luna, do you think we could get away with making a McGonagall snow-wizard?”
"I don’t know...we could make a Voldemort one and then stomp on it, or a Snape one and then stomp on it or a Draco one and then stomp on it..."
*Narrator* instead of the snow-wizard competition they had planned, the four youngsters fell into an all out snowball war
There was wrestling, running, jumping, and of course, snow!
“Come on Luna, let's get 'em! *Pelts both Ron and Harry with snowballs*”
*Slamming Ginny with a snowball* “hey! I was still working on our snow-wizard!”
As they were wrestling, Harry felt eyes on his back, he turn around to look in the forest and saw a pair of eyes
A snowball from the direction of the eyes promptly hit him
*Narrator* so much snow was flying that they no one else could tell the snowball didn't come from one of them. Except Luna, who wasn't participating in the fight, but was watching Harry intently
The eyes start lowering and a big black thing pounces from the shadows and lands on Harry, slobbering all over his face
“Aaah! Ha-ha!”
“Ahhhh! What is it??”
Harry pushes the dog off
Stares at it, ”SIR...SNUFFLES!!" he says as he thought better of it.
“Where did you come from huh?”
“Harry? You know this dog?”
"Stares at Ginny"
*Exchanges glances with Harry*
"Should w tell them?” Harry whispers to Ron
“Oi! Harry! Maybe we ought to go inside and warm… Snuffles... up a little?”
"Rightly-o Ron"
“I don’t know...they're trustworthy, but lets see what he has to say”
"Ok, ta ta girls"
“Um...see you around Harry?”
Remus Lupin runs out off the woods after the dog and sees Harry, "It seems that 'Snuffles' has run away from me..."
“Professor Lupin?”
*They all walk toward the dormitory to warm "snuffles" up*
"So, you're alive. How?"
Now we're in the common room!
Remus sat down, "I can explain some of that. I was updating my Live Journal when I suddenly got a message from Sirius..."
"It took me forever to get a single..."
Remus sat in the dark looking at his computer, "It was another bad full moon. I'm starting to get sick of all these changes..." **Click, a message popped on his comp**
"Dear Remmykins..... I am trapped here, come save me.... ~love, Snuffles"
Remus quickly read the message then spoke out loud, "Damn him, I told him to not use that name except for in private!"
Remus sighed, trying to concentrate. He had never fetched anything this being before but he knew he had to try. *POOF* Sirius appeared in his kitchen. "So, now what?"
"REMMYKINS!!!" Sirius jumps Remus.
****Back to normal time****
"Ok then..."
"So anyways, Sirius decided the first thing he wanted to do was to tell you he was back and here we are."
Remus: So where's Hermione?